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2023 has been a promising year for the automotive market with the highest market segmentation sales record compared to previous years. The passenger vehicle recorded 641,773 sales units in 2022 by market segments and the number went up by 10% sales, 366,037 units in just the second quarter of 2023. The 2023 sales are forecast to be more than 2022, even higher than pre-pandemic sales.

People spend more time in cars for professional and personal activities, hence the safety and comfort of seats and its cover has gained considerable importance which represents a major quality standard for cars. Alongside every other automotive market segment, seat covers have now become one of the most prime sectors in high demand of safety, quality, and comfort. Custom made seat covers and universal seat covers are one of the most well-known types of seat covers. However, custom made seat covers without doubt offer better quality, safety, and comfort for its consumers, hence why it can be more priced compared to slip-on or universal seat covers.

The competitive level of slip-on seat covers, and custom seat covers are high, mainly due to the price variants whereby slip-on seat covers are way lower in cost when compared to custom seat covers. Although they are cheaper in price when compared to custom made seat covers, there are certain key points to be enlightened about before purchasing a cheaper seat cover.

First and foremost, safety. Always check if the seat cover is airbag compliant or not. Slip-on may not deploy your airbag or may wrongly deploy your seat airbags in the event of an accident or collision. It is also highly encouraged to check if the seat covers are certified with safety measurement from authorised bodies. Besides, universal seat covers do not necessarily have to meet the requirements for certain safety regulation tests such as wet rubbing, dry rubbing, colour migration, and abrasion.

Seat covers with airbag deployment capabilities.

The second key factor is material configuration. In terms of leather car seat covers, there are three main types of leather which are automotive leather, fashion leather, and furniture leather. Automotive leather is one of the highest grades of leather, hence why custom seat covers, especially real or man-made leather are expensive when compared to universal seat covers. Most of the buyers get scammed by the cheaper price of universal seat covers. This is why because these sellers typically use furniture or fashion leather instead of an automotive leather. Customers who have low awareness regarding car upholstery can be easily conned by these cheap, unsafe, and unworthy material. Besides, you can choose the exact custom-made seat cover material, colour, pattern, and design that aligns with your preferences and the interior of your vehicle unlike slip-on covers.


Automotive Leather


Furniture Leather


Fashion leather

Durability of the material can be also another factor to debate on why custom seat covers are way better than universal seat covers. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of the material can be only seen after some time of purchasing. Most of the universal seat covers are not UV protected against external elements, hence it will not last you as long as a custom seat cover lasts you. Custom-made seat covers often use high-quality materials and craftsmanship, enhancing their durability and longevity compared to generic slip-on covers.

Slip-on seat covers are saggy, do not fit your car seats perfectly, it only covers and act as a layer of protection.

Custom-made seat covers are tailored to fit your specific vehicle’s seats perfectly, providing a seamless and professional look.

Most of the universal seat cover sellers provide you with less than 12 months warranty only. In the case of warranty claim, there are sellers who will refuse to entertain your warranty claim. On the other hand, custom made seat covers have at least 2 to 3 years of warranty depending on its material.

There are many other comparisons to be made between custom seat covers and universal seat covers besides these factors. Although universal seat covers have considered themselves as a competitor of custom seat covers, know your priorities as a customer. Your safety, comfort, and trust are what custom seat covers sellers believe in delivering.

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