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Used car dealers play a crucial role in providing consumers with affordable and diverse options for pre-owned vehicles, helping individuals find the right vehicle to meet their needs and budget while contributing to the sustainability of the automotive industry.

There are many advantages before considering a secondhand vehicle. Besides the large spectrum of vehicle models to choose from, used cars are cost friendly as they are considerably more affordable than buying a new vehicle. The maintenance fee for used vehicles is very much lower when compared to newly purchased vehicles as they have been in the market for years, which means their parts can be purchased easily. Besides, purchasing a secondhand vehicle avoids the initial depreciation hit and this makes it easier for banks to provide one with a loan. A pre-owned vehicle usually has lower insurance expenses due to the low market value.

Used vehicles also have quicker pay-off whereby the loan periods are shorter when compared to new car loans. Additionally, used car buyers have the advantages of extended warranties, whereby the factory warranties will be passed on to new owners providing only if the coverage has not expired. Moreover, used cars have aftermarket commodities whereby all car models are either going through or have dealt with problems, thus used vehicles have high chances of having the solution figured out. Hence, it is much easier to fix or repair the car according to the solution given either by the previous owner or similar car owners.

There are several processes where one needs to go through prior to purchasing a vehicle from used car dealers. Firstly, identification of the car brand and model. Once the desired used car has been fixed, it is advisable to get in touch with the previous owner and get to know more about the car’s condition in terms of mileage, reasons to pass on ownership, involvement(s) in any accidents, if there have been any modifications done to the car, car warranty terms and conditions, and the loan settlement details. However, it is highly recommended to check the relevant details with The Road Transport Department (JPJ) to retrieve more legitimate information regarding the car whether the car has involved in any accident, if the car has any pending fines, or even if it may involve in any unauthorized activity.

Once the used car’s condition has come to terms of satisfaction for purchasing, these used car dealers will bring you through several processes to ease your journey before owning one. Here are some trusted used car dealers here in Malaysia if you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle:



Own your desired used car after completing a 175-point inspection for about 30 to 45 minutes with a 12-month warranty. The cars listed under CARSOME are free of major accidents, fire, and flood damage. Worry less about receiving your payment getting delayed and paperwork hassle.

2. Carlist

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Cars to be purchased from Carlist are covered by WarrantySmart up to 5 years. WarrantySmart is a specialist in providing warranties for vehicles and mechanical breakdowns for vehicles aged up to 10 years of age. Besides the standard manufacturer’s warranty, WarrantySmart guarantees an extra layer of warranty coverage for drivers and owners to feel safe driving and owning a car regardless of it being secondhand, reconditioned, or brand new.

3. myTukar

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A leverage of 5 days test-to-own is given by myTukar for those who intend to buy their used vehicles. They also provide a 1-year warranty for the engine and gear box and all their used cars come with no major accidents and free from fire & flood damage.

4. ezAUTO

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Each ezAUTO Certified vehicle has a 5-day money-back guarantee in addition to a 12-month warranty. The 171-point inspection done on the used vehicle will always be visible for the public to view to improve the reliability and transparency of information. This inspection involves road test check, interior, exterior, mechanical, and safety.