Common Mistakes in Upholstery Cleaning

Leather is known as a tough material which can take a lot of beating. However, considering that seat covers are also styled to complement a car’s interior and considered as a fashion item, it does need the occasional maintenance.

With the many leather care products available off the shelf, people often take it upon themselves to clean and maintain their upholstery. It’s not rocket science – clean and dab some sort of ‘lotion’ and that’s it, right?Ok, sure. But for the sake of your own leather seat covers, avoid these common mistakes in leather care.


a thorough cleaning

This is common sense but it’s also an important part of the process which many may take lightly. The objective is to thoroughly clean the surface, especially from dust including those trapped in the nooks and crannies. Use a slightly damp and clean cloth (microfibre is best), and vacuum too if possible. The reason is to maximise the use of any protection lotion you apply later; otherwise, the lotion will just lock in the dust and dirt once it eventually dries. And that just makes the whole exercise pointless.


Using the wrong products

Always know the product you’re using and know the seat materials you’re working with. For example, a leather cleaner can clean vinyl too, but vinyl cleaner is not suitable for leather. It’s all because of pH balance – vinyl cleaners tend to have qualities which could harm leather.


Since we’re on the subject of vinyl

Try to avoid using just plain water to clean, every time. On vinyl this could cause cracking; on leather water does not help in keeping the material’s lustre. In fact, water can seep into the seams and create a stain.


Don’t overdo

Some may think that applying more product onto the leather is better, but that’s not the case. This is true especially on perforated leather, as an excessive amount of product could pass through the holes. Instead, apply a little and massage evenly over the leather and allow it to dry. Remember to apply on the applicator/cloth first, not directly on the seat cover.


Don’t overdo part 2

Patience is key and don’t wipe the cleaner/leather conditioner in large areas at a time. Instead, work the product in smaller areas, making sure it gets into every gap and crevice evenly.



A clean car is something that everyone wants, and in today’s world where the paradox of sending a car for detailing also opens up the possibility of contracting (or spreading) a nasty virus, it makes sense to do it yourself. However, just remember that upholstery can be tricky to clean properly. Know the type of upholstery you have, know the products needed, and use the tips listed here and you’ll be okay. But if your upholstery is simply too damaged and dirty, probably best to just replace it. DK SCHWEIZER is your best bet in getting the most stylish and high quality seat covers so contact us here and let’s have a chat on how we can help.

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