USC does not come with door trims and center console box and a low-grade Vinyl is used to create these USC for all types of car models. These explains the economical and affordable price of a Universal Seat Cover, which ranges from only RM50 to RM600. A low-grade Vinyl is typically used for home furniture such as, sofa. The wear and tear of an USC is from 6 to 12 months depending on daily routine & handling of the car seat covers. It has a not so seamless finishing stitched using a low-quality Vinyl. There is no warranty given for any purchase of USC and the design it ready-made. It cannot be personalised and customised as per customer’s preference. As per safety concern, there is no airbag compatibility in the seats, hence during an impact of collision, airbag will not be deployed. USCs acts as a protective drape over car seats rather than a model specific seat cover. Although USCs are designated to fit almost all models of vehicle, it does not have an overall great fit which defeats the main purpose of protecting car seats because the original upholstery may still be exposed, and it do not fit exactly into buckles, levers, and cup holders. On the whole picture, in terms of car seat cover quality, safety, and comfort for a driver, the USCs are not so worthwhile purchasing compared to DK SCHWEIZER’s EZFITs and OEMs.


DK SCHWEIZER’s EZFITs are much more reliable than USC simply because they are made up of higher quality than USCs which is an automotive grade Vinyl & semi-leather. These two materials are higher grade materials compared to low-grade Vinyl and its UV protected and tested. Accordingly, the price range of DK’s EZFITs is from RM950 to RM1,300 and it does not come with door trims and center console box too. They can be applied only for fabric variant seats. Hence, customers with a non-fabric variant seat can look out for our OEMs. Additionally, customers looking for a car with an economical and safety concerns can purchase DK’s EZFITs because it is cheaper than our OEMs and it is airbag compatible. Hence, the seat cover can detect impact during a collision to deploy the airbag from the seats. Apparently, there is a warranty for our EZFITs, and customers also get to pre-select the design for their car seats. The wear and tear of our EZFITs are from 36 to 72 months which depreciates according to the daily routine & handling of car owners. Generally, the quality, fitment, durability, and comfort of our EZFITs are more desirable than the USCs available in the market.


Here at DK SCHWEIZER, we sell Italian Nappa Leather, Italian Normal Leather, Nappa Leatherette, and Vinyl. All these materials are higher grade of leather, which is UV protected and tested, non-fading with a durability up to 120 months. Apart from that, consumers are entitled to personalise and customise their seat covers with various types of leathers, stitching, and styling to match their vehicle’s original upholstery. Our OEMs are all strictly made-to-measure in accordance with the model, spec, and manufactory year of a vehicle. It is made to fit the exact dimension of a vehicle which hugs and fits into all the buckles, levers, and cup holders of your vehicle. The seamless finish stitching makes no place for any saggy or bulgy surface on your car seats. Our OEMs also allows to maintain the interior luxury of your vehicle while protecting its original upholstery. Furthermore, DK SCHWEIZER prioritises our customers’ safety, thereupon our OEMs are airbag compatible which detects an impact during a collision to deploy the airbag from the seats. Besides, there is a warranty for our OEMs depending on what type of leather customers choose to cover their seats. Adding into the bargain, the comfort of driving with our OEM car seat cover tops the list by providing a grandeur feeling to our customers. Hence, this explains the extravagant price of our OEMs which ranges from RM1,500 to RM4.350. Our OEMs are a great deal for those who wishes to preserve the value of their cars.