We at DK SCHWEIZER are not only determined in personalizing your car seats, but we are very certain in making sure that you and your loved ones reach your destinations safe and sound.

“Your Safety Is Our Priority”

From only caring about looks, performance and spaciousness, we now have demanding consumers base that ask more relevant questions regarding safety features such as the number and position of airbags available in a car. The availability of airbags in a car has become a decisive reasoning for buyers prior to purchasing a car.

Generally, an airbag is believed to be able to reduce the passengers’ injury during an impact of collision. Years ago, only C-segment cars (such as Proton X70 & Honda Civic) had more than 2 airbags which is far-fetched to cars in recent times because even a subcompact B-compact has at least 4 airbags now (such as Perodua Myvi). Here at DK SCHWEIZER, our primary goal is to maintain the original seats in terms of airbag deployment which involves re-installation and positioning of airbag.

The seat installation team at DK SCHWEIZER are very certain and accurate in ensuring the operationalization of airbag deployment in a vehicle/car. Almost 2500 cycles of tests are done to meet our standards on the airbag operationalization to avoid airbag malfunction after seat installation. For instance, the sensor that triggers the airbag deployment must be covered by strictly a very thin layer of leather and stitching only for the airbag to detect an impact. Additionally, DK SCHWEIZER also has the competence and most suitable equipment to assure airbag deployment. This is because, we DK SCHWEIZER do not only perform B2C sales, but we originated being a B2B dealer for car manufacturers. Thus, all our machines are standardized to meet the operationalization of airbag deployments as the car manufacturers.

The professionalism and immense high quality of DK SCHWEIZER’s workmanship are recognized by certifications from several number of bodies. Do check out our product certification at

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