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DK SCHWEIZER has been contributing and enhancing the well-being of society in terms of social, environment, and economic as well since 2012.DK Schweizer firmly believe that CSR programs not only elevate the surroundings in all means, but eventually CSR helps to build morale values individually, at households, and socially. CSR are basically classified into four categories such as:

Environmental Impacts, Ethical Responsibility, Philanthropic Endeavours, and Financial Responsibilities.


We at DK SCHWEIZER preserve our mother nature because we highly believe that is the most fundamental foundation of corporate social responsibility in terms of environmental responsibility. DK SCHWEIZER often pursue environmental commitments through:

• Recycling Goods & Materials
• Meat Free Day
• Gotong-Royong
• Green Environment
• International Forest Day
• Tree Planting Programme


DK SCHWEIZER firmly believes that everyone deserves equally regardless of their gender, race, age, and social status. We set our own objectives and standards, though external forces or demands which will shape ethical goals. Additionally, we strongly regard that spreading awareness about these noble gestures are highly necessary. The instances of ethical responsibilities which was organized by DK SCHWEIZER are:

• Multi Mutual Charity Association for Single Mothers
• Orang Asli Kids Visit
• Health Carnivals & Promotions (Blood Donation)
• Old Folks Home Cleaning
• Rumah Victory Visit


Philanthropic endeavour refers to how a company spends its resources to make the world a better place by aiding someone in need. DK SCHWEIZER performs fun activities in both indoor and outdoor forms to raise funds for a good cause. In the past 10 years, we have run these activities for charitable purposes:

• Valentine’s Day (Charity Sale)
• Sports Day (Fund Raising Event)


Financial responsibility is the pillar of corporate social responsibility that brings together all the above-mentioned responsibilities such as, environmental, ethical, and philanthropical in the form of financial investments through programs, donations, and materials. DK SCHWEIZER has conducted few financial responsibility related activities such as:

• Typhoon@Phillipines
• Banting Flood Relief
• Orang Asli Flood Relief
• Covid-19 Donation
• We Care We Share
• My Care-Orphanage