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DK SCHWEIZER has just launched their own gaming chair! A full line up of new designs with attractive prices. DK SCHWEIZER uses automotive grade of leather on their gaming chairs making it more comfortable and durable. What many don’t realise is that the automotive grade of leather is the highest grade of leather in comparison to fashion and other leather materials. With automotive grade of leather, DK SCHWEIZERs gaming chairs are highly durable and can last up to 10 years.

Multiple tests are done to the material of the gaming chair. Tests such as flexing test, abrasion tests, color migration test and stretching test is done multiple times in order to ensure the customers satisfaction on every angle.

All the tests are done in house where the materials would first go through these test with multiple cycles to ensure top grade.

The durability of the frame of the gaing chair is also tested vigorously. Load test varies from drop test all the way to stability test. These tests are done to ensure the load on the gaming seat sits perfectly. It is important to note that durability test passes the safety regulations needed in order to be sold as a gaming chair. What’s the price like you may ask? DK SCHWEIZER is offering a limited run only pre-order price. From as low as RM899. It would not be easy to find other companies sourcing automotive grade leather just for gaming chairs. So check them out at