PRIME Selections - Perodua Directory

Explore the world of premium car leather interiors with our diverse lineup tailored for Perodua models. From compact cars to spacious SUVs, we provide top-notch leather seating solutions that amplify your vehicle’s comfort and style.

Perodua Alza (2014-2022)

Perodua Alza (2022-Present)

Perodua Aruz (2019-Present)

Perodua Ativa (2021-Present)

Perodua Axia AV, SE, Style

Perodua Myvi (2017-Present)

Perodua Axia X, G

Perodua Axia Advance, SE (2023-Present)

Perodua Bezza (2016-Present)

Perodua Myvi Std G, Premium X (2011-2015)

Perodua Myvi Advance, SE (2011-2017)

Perodua Myvi Premium X, Standard G (2015-2017)