Advance Machinery

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Cutting-edge Machinery

Here at DK SCHWEIZER, we are equipped with latest tech and highest-quality machineries to ensure our products fits your desires and needs. These machines are precisely driven by our experienced and skillful machinist. With our machines ability to produce various designs developed in-house, we offer the most sophisticated car interior capabilities around the world. video to gif 4

Lectra Versalis

The Lectra Versalis® a high end, automated digital leather-cutting machine that boost a precise cutting quality of leather hides to high standards. From hide digitalization to offloading, Versalis® brings value, precision and efficiency to leather cutting. video to gif 5

Vinyl & Carpet Cutting

The Lectra Vector, fabric automotive cutting machine that ensures precision and high quality production for car interiors and upholstery. We in DK SCHWEIZER offer various types of vinyl designs and effect to meet our customer’s taste. video to gif 3

Digital Punching

Customization and personalization give a different significance when it comes to digital punching. With our ANZE and ReachPeace digital punching machines, we can produce various car seat designs that are luxurious. video to gif 1


Multi-head embroidery machine by Tajima, all rounder to embroider various customized designs to detailed finished embroidery patterns, logos, slogans etc, with quality of high standards. video to gif

Pattern Stitching & Punching

This computer-controlled JUKI sewing machines contributes to the achievement of magnificent-finished seams of various customized pattern stitching on leather or vinyl. Go with trend with customized, personalized and elegant designs by DK-SCHWEIZER.

Lab Testing and QA

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Here at DK SCHWEIZER, we prioritise in providing the best quality of products to our customers. Having our products tested extensively in our laboratory equipped with high grade machinery has proven to produce the best quality leather can offer. Each batch of material that arrives at DK SCHWEIZER ranging from Nappa Leather to PVC, goes through an extensive cycle of tests before being released to our production line. Our test machines consist of universal tester machine, manual press cutter, flexing tester, leather softener tester, rub fastness tester, taber abrasion, gloss checker and spectro.

All of our raw materials are set to meet a certain amount of standards before moving on to other stages of the quality assurance process. These raw materials goes through 25000 cycles of tests in order to meet our standards. Our staff in our laboratory are well trained on managing the machines hence services on the machines are done regularly to fit quality and safety standards.

Our in-house lab will ensure that only the avant-garde leather material is being used to make the car seat upholstery.

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