Styling Customisation

Pattern Stitching with Perforation

DK SCHWEIZER has hundreds of patterns stitching with perforation patterns to choose from so take your time here when working on your custom design. This element can be the key factor to influence the look of the finished product.

Perforation / Digital Punching

At DK SCHWEIZER, not only can we create complex perforation patterns, but also give options for the shape of the hole punched. More than just for aesthetics, perforation helps with ventilation.

Contrast Stitching

Contrast stitching brings out the best in any seat upholstery design. Done right, it’s the only design element you need. But where’s the fun in that, right?

Embossing / Debossing

Another design element that screams sophisticated customisation. Embossing is when the actual design is raised from the material, while debossing is the opposite (i.e. pressed into the leather).


Need to show something off? Embroidery allows you to do it in colour. Embroidering is a popular and effective way to give your seats that proper bespoke recognition.

Seat Airbag Compliance

DK SCHWEIZER can design for seats with an integrated airbag (which require special attention to maintain airbag functionality) , thus maximising your car’s safety features and value.

Lab Testing and QA

Here at DK SCHWEIZER, we prioritise in providing the best quality of products to our customers. Having our products tested extensively in our laboratory equipped with high grade machinery has proven to produce the best quality leather can offer. Each batch of material that arrives at DK SCHWEIZER ranging from Nappa Leather to PVC, goes through an extensive cycle of tests before being released to our production line. Our test machines consist of universal tester machine, manual press cutter, flexing tester, leather softener tester, rub fastness tester, taber abrasion, gloss checker and spectro.

All of our raw materials are set to meet a certain amount of standards before moving on to other stages of the quality assurance process. These raw materials goes through 25000 cycles of tests in order to meet our standards. Our staff in our laboratory are well trained on managing the machines hence services on the machines are done regularly to fit quality and safety standards.

Our in-house lab will ensure that only the avant-garde leather material is being used to make the car seat upholstery.




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