DK SCHWEIZER Car Leather August Promotion

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Own a Honda or a Toyota?

You’re in luck! DK SCHWEIZER is offering for a limited run only exclusively for Honda and Toyota cars 10 years and below. Due to popular demands, the designs for the promotion is uploaded on DK SCHWEIZER’s website.Honda and Toyota owners are able to enjoy promotional prices from as low as RM950. What’s even better is that these prices comes with door trims and center consoles if applicable. 

Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V (2017-Present)

Honda Accord

Honda Accord (2018-Present)

Honda Civic

Honda Civic, HR-V, CR-V (2008-Present)

Toyota Corolla Sedan

Toyota Corolla Sedan/Cross (2018-Present)

Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Rav4, Harrier, Corolla Altis, C-HR (2016-Present)

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry (2018-Present)

Would you really want to be the odd one out while the other Honda & Toyota owners are grabbing this once in a lifetime chance?

If no is your answer, You should really drop by DK SCHWEIZER. Their promotion is valid for all types of materials such as Vinyl, Nappa Leatherette, Normal Leather as well as Nappa Leather. If that doesn't entice you enough, you could change the stitching colours! What is normally done is a theme going on in the interior. Some may have red, blue and yellow seat belts that they would want to match with. Take a Mercedes A45s AMG which has yellow accents on the interior, some of the owners may not like the seat designs (as taste is subjective), but would like to maintain the yellow accents may change the thread colour. Be quick! This promotion is only for August. As soon as August ends you may not be eligible for this promo anymore.

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