Raya Gift Box

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  • Items In The Raya Gift Box:
    1. DK SCHWEIZER Premium Leather Desk Pad with Raya Theme
    2. DK SCHWEIZER Premium Leather Tissue Box
    3. Premium Mariami Dates
    4. Sultana Raisins
    5. Roasted Chickpea
    6. Peanut Candy


* Certain car variant may require template making. Vehicle will be required to be parked at installation center for an addtional 3-5 working days.
* Only certain car variant with existing material on door trims will be wrapped with selected design. Plastic areas are not included.
* We will contact you within 48 hours upon checkout to confirm your installation date which will take place between 7 -21 working days.
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Airbag Compatible

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3 Years for Leather Product

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