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Customisation is the far more exciting route to take. This is when you can let your imagination run free. From an extensive swatch of colours, a wide variety materials, and various styles of putting them together, DK SCHWEIZER goes the whole way in meeting your ideas. Go ahead and challenge our personnel and machinery for personalised leather seats that truly stamp your taste and personality.

it's your show

Today’s car owners are now very keen in making their vehicles as an extension of their sense of style – to some it’s an important part of their image. While a repaint (or car wrap) has been the usual route taken to achieve this, almost nothing is available for the car interior. This is where DK SCHWEIZER comes in, providing an outlet to let your personality shine, even on the road.

Your style, Your way

Your style
Your way

Find out just how much personalisation and customisation options we can offer. Leather and stitching colours are just the beginning - the real fun begins when we go into perforations, pattern stitching, and a combination of both. Even better, we can emboss a logo on the design. Does the logo look better embroidered? Sure, we can do that too.

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