DK SCHWEIZER makes grand entrance at ACE 2021

Those of you who dropped by the Auto Car Expo 2021 organised by back in mid-April must have noticed DK SCHWEIZER’s first big adventure into the direct-to-consumer market. After more than two decades of experience in providing top-quality leather seat upholstery to various car makers around the globe, we have been rather low key in providing to the aftermarket scene.


Not anymore – since earlier this year we have been showing serious intent for supplying to the mass market.


The Auto Car Expo (ACE) was the perfect place to announce our arrival in a big way, despite the challenges. With COVID-19 still lingering, and in what turned out to be a brief moment when events were allowed to be held, thousands queued at the Setia City Convention Centre to buy the car of their dreams.

According to the organisers, 561 people did make their purchase. In total, more than 11,000 visitors turned up at the event, and we were more than happy to see them drop by our booth. Any questions they had were all attended by our staffs, with inquiries varying from our scope of service to the price range. The latter was a particular matter of interest with many being surprised by DK SCHWEIZER’s pricing. Especially when we were giving out RM500 cash rebates the entire time!


We had a variety of sample upholstery designs on display with amazing feedback by the public. It also gave us a chance to properly let everyone see the different design elements we offer rather than just looking at pictures.

Also, it was great that the public could feel the quality of our different upholstery materials, namely Nappa leather, PVC and microfibre.


To those who did drop by the DK SCHWEIZER booth during ACE 2021, particularly those who expressed interest in our leather upholstery, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. The long list of interested visitors on that day is currently being contacted.


In the meantime, hang on to your cash rebates!


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