DK SCHWEIZER – high-grade automotive leather for the world

The human population has grown dramatically since World War II. In fact, the increasing trend began in the late 19th century, with an estimated 9.7 billion humans inhabiting this planet by 2050 (current population: 7.8 billion).


Among other critical needs, all these people will need to be fed. With a huge number of them still preferring meat over other sources of protein, cows will continue to be reared and their meat cooked to feed families around the world. This leads to a steady supply of raw leather which has very limited use other than for covers; it’s a commodity with a global trade value worth approximately USD100 billion annually, making it one of the most widely traded in the world.


DK Leather Seats Sdn Bhd is an active participant in this trade. However, the story of our leather seat covers actually start in Italy and South America. This is where some of the best tanneries in the world are found which process the raw hide into high quality leather.


A lot have changed since the early years of leather processing, improving not only quality of product, but also speed of production. Crucially, it has also progressed to be more environmentally friendly with our suppliers fully complying with water, solid waste and air emission regulations.

Once the leather reaches DK Leather Seats, it is again subjected to another round of testing at our laboratory to ensure quality. Among the tests every batch undergoes are the abrasion test (to evaluate surface durability), rub fastness (to test colour transfer/decay), and the flexing test. Another round of major tests is performed by a dedicated device which assess the leather’s tensile resilience on top of its elongation capacity, tear strength, and peeling strength.


Then the cut pieces are given pattern stitching, digital punching, pattern stitching perforation, embroidery, or embossing (again, depending on design). Once this process is over the pieces are sewn together by our trained operators. Once done, the seat cover is given another round of checks to ensure that it meets the standard required.

These processes are only one side of the business. It is complemented by a team of designers which actually ‘sketch’ how the seat covers will look like on a digital canvas using advanced 3D software. Considering that we also accommodate for vehicles in other markets, the number of designs and car models which DK SCHWEIZER (the brand name for DK Leather Seats) cater is substantial.


Often, the seat cover is only given much thought when it needs to be replaced. But just like the car paintwork, rims or bodykit, it forms a huge part for how the car looks. And while the search for quality and aesthetic superiority may start from faraway places, it all comes down to a Malaysian company to turn it into reality.

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