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With public interest on DK SCHWEIZER on a rise since the company’s more focussed direction in selling direct to customers, this website too has seen a climb in visits. No doubt, they (read: you!) are here to learn more about the company and our products, so it’s probably best to provide an orientation of what the website offers now. And what it will be, soon. was revamped in late 2020 and finished in early 2021 to better provide a public-friendly image to the masses compared to its past Business-to-Business (B2B) strategy. So now, a visitor can know more about the company including its history and its services.


Some new additions include a picture wall showing DK Leather Seats’ top management, a Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) section, a search function, and an integrated Contact Us form.  All this is a statement to how the company is prepared to get closer to any potential customers.

Other useful additions to the website are the descriptions of a few design elements which we offer, perfect for those who are not yet fluent in the language of leather personalisation yet interested in getting bespoke seat covers.


Of course, there is also the News & Blogs section, where you found the article in front of you right now. It’s for light reading and hopefully you will find some useful information and neat tips about upholstery here.

Also important is the Be Our Dealer tab and as it says, this is where we hope interested parties can approach us to become DK SCHWEIZER dealers/installers. We welcome enquiries from around the world, particularly from countries which we are not present in. So send in those queries!


Having said all that, the real juicy stuff is not yet integrated into the website. By June 2021, we will have the e-commerce site ready and that will be the place where you can buy from us direct. Being interactive, we can also effectively show the many ready-made DK SCHWEIZER designs ready for you to choose.

However, considering the size of our design catalogue, we probably won’t be able to show you the entire collection – for every brand, model, etc – right from the start. Instead we will likely display the most popular kits and only from certain car brands first. We will build it from there, so if the seat cover for your car is not listed just hang on. Or simply contact us and we will see how we can help you.


And don’t worry about having to ask us for prices because it will be included (no ‘PM for price’ nonsense). Unless we’re dealing with personalisation and customisation; now that’s a different matter altogether. For now, that is best done by simply getting in contact with us.

Our e-commerce site - coming soon!

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