On the Job: With Kelcie Maintim – Production Controller, DK Leather Seats Sdn Bhd

Over the past few months, we’ve had a fair number of media members visit the factory floor for one reason or the other. The one comment which almost everyone voiced out during such visits was disbelief over how many people actually work at DK Leather Seats Sdn Bhd. Admittedly, that’s a number which fluctuates, but at the point of writing up to 800 people are involved in the day-to-day operations.


And it takes that army to deliver to our customers – as scheduled, and with the quality we promise. These are the people behind the scenes, each of them critical in ensuring that DK SCHWEIZER seat covers remain ahead of the pack.


Kelcie Maintim has been with DK Leather Seats for almost two years. Armed with a Bachelor in Engineering, the 26-year old Sabahan is one of the Production Controllers at the factory, meaning that she gets real hands-on with the production process.

Her typical day can best be described as packed – starting her mornings with making a schedule for the machines to produce cut parts in line with overall production planning and sewing timetables. At the same time, she has a team of workers to supervise after arranging their tasks for the day.


Kelcie also has to perform follow-up actions involving other departments and trouble shoot any arising issues. Along the way, there are stacks of documents which needs to be reviewed, revised and updated when necessary.


With all these on her plate, she explains that the deadlines and tight schedule are the most challenging parts of her work. Looking at her move from one part of the factory to the other while going through her duties, it does seem overwhelming. But she takes it in her stride while still always maintaining COVID-19 protocols practised by DK Leather Seats.

Despite her hectic days, there are some interesting highlights according to Kelcie, which above everything else would be the chance to work with a lot of people and their different characters. With the amount of people involved in the production of DK SCHWEIZER seat covers, she certainly won’t have any shortage of characters!


To wind down after a hard day’s work, Kelcie says that she likes to cook. So it’s making seat covers during the day and cooking dinner at night. 

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