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The ultimate gaming space… is in a Lexus!

Not that we’re jealous, but gamers nowadays do enjoy a lot of attention. From multi-million dollar commercial tie-ups, to six digit tournament prize money, and, apparently, also car manufacturers willing to give them crazy ideas on where to play their favourite games.


According to Lexus that would include inside the Gamers’ IS, an IS 350 F Sport modified to the feedback given by the gaming community of Twitch.


Yes, you read that right. Lexus actually approached the gaming community and asked their help in designing a gaming space unlike anything anyone has ever seen. The response was tremendous – with a clear percentage voted for the “Neon Tokyo” style which includes programmable acrylic-covered LED lights at the cabin ceiling to give the impression of driving under downtown Tokyo night lights.

The gaming factor is provided by a custom-built PC in the boot complete with fog machine (yes, you read that right) and every gamer’s favourite element – RGB lights. The keyboard retracts into the dashboard together with the mouse when not used. Also, there is a fully integrated gaming system complete with haptic feedback within the seat plus a large curved monitor. Even the console’s game controller is 3-printed and is one-of-a-kind. Gaming ambiance is enhanced with a dimmed cabin using Smart Tint.


We’re not told any details about the upholstery, other than it incorporates ‘many elements’ into the design. From the supplied pictures we can see a simple perforation design element and two types of leather. There’s also what seems to be strips of LED lights, and that’s very impressive.


The Lexus Gamers’ IS was built by the carmaker with the help of a team of 20 fabrication experts and took five months.

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