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There’s no leather like DK SCHWEIZER leather

The car interior – much like the outside of one – is a straightforward and unapologetic decider when classifying a vehicle’s standing. A car’s brand may be premium, but if you choose a base variant with small diameter rims, or single tone fabric upholstery, you’ll have a hard time convincing others of its luxury. Likewise, a more affordable vehicle can be made to feel luxurious simply by changing to a well-made leather cover.


This is where DK SCHWEIZER comes in. Because while there are other replacement seat cover manufacturers available in the market, none brings in what we do naturally – brilliant designs, quality materials, and at sensible prices.


DK SCHWEIZER already upholsters a variety of car models for various car brands around the world as an OEM supplier, so we already know what it takes to produce quality seat covers. And while the same companies will hold back on design variety due to the need in controlling costs, we can be a bit more adventurous as you may see in our catalogue.

Even more exciting is the DK SCHWEIZER personalisation option which truly lets you flex your design talents. Just like how a car paintjob may serve to showcase your personality (or using vinyl wrap as the trend is nowadays), a leather seat cover does it just the same, perhaps even better. That amazing upholstery you saw wrapping the seats of a Rolls Royce Phantom or BMW 7 Series is now something you can use to inspire your own car’s interior.


Since you’re already customising, truly advertise your brand and individuality using embossing or embroidery. Or if choosing not to customise, there are various prepared designs to choose from based on your car model. Either way, it will give you the car interior you never knew you could have.

Truly, luxury is also a feeling of quality materials and knowing how well something is put together; and that transcends an expensive purchase price.

You can be assured of our quality too as we not only source our materials from the best tanneries in Italy and South America, but our production process also makes certain that every step contributes to meeting our high standards. In the end, it all comes down to the value for money DK SCHWEIZER leather seat covers provide.


The accepted definition of luxury is usually tied with how expensive something is. In practical terms, it usually requires a lot more than just a high price tag or a widely known brand. Truly, luxury is also a feeling of quality materials and knowing how well something is put together; and that transcends an expensive purchase price.


Don’t wait any longer, send us an inquiry for a set of leather seat covers for your car now.

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