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Some of the best car interiors in Malaysia right now

Let’s get this disclaimer out of the way first: a ‘best-of’ list of anything is unlikely to be agreed by everyone, particularly when it involves how great something looks. What is attractive to you may not mean much to the next person; and everyone has different taste in styling anyway. However, we promise that you’d have a hard time arguing about the interior of these vehicles.

1) Range Rover Velar

Range Rover have always had brilliant interiors. They’re always practical and plush, something underlined by its constant presence in the British Royal family garage (sure, Range Rover being a British marque also has a big say in that). Now the Velar carries this design tradition with a fair bit of modern touch thrown into the mix. There’s a lot of touchscreen real-estate in the cabin, yet it doesn’t feel cold or clinical. The pop-out gear selector, despite it being a novelty (bordering on gimmicky), feels right at home in this set-up. Quality has been a hit or miss for Range Rovers, but at least you know there’s DK SCHWEIZER to help out with the upholstery when the time comes.

2) Lexus LM

The only Japanese car here, expectedly from the luxury arm of Toyota. Very pricey for an SUV at RM1.15 million – and seats only four – but what you lose in your bank account, you gain in luxury comparable to a business class airline seat. Get past that front grille which could easily be an art installation and the rear passenger area is your obvious destination – captain’s seat, plush carpeting, and total separation to the front compartment via a partition in-built with a TV screen. The seats are reportedly wrapped with semi-aniline leather and that only points to the fact that Lexus means business. No customisation option, unfortunately.

3) 2020 Hyundai Sonata

A little out of place in this company of much more expensive cars, but let’s give credit when it is due. The new Sonata is what happens when designers are a bit more ambitious and not stuck with the idea that car cabins in this segment need to seemingly be drafted off a template. Natural leather wrap the seats, and we must applaud the local importer’s bold decision to include different leather hues for different body colours – apparently there’s even white seat upholstery with a two-tone scheme.  (note: all pictures used in this article are stock images and may not be representative of the interior available in Malaysia)

4) Volvo XC90

Our collective personal familiarity with Scandinavian minimalism is pretty much limited to what Ikea and Volvo shows us, but that’s enough to impress nonetheless. The X90’s large cabin is accentuated by a large glasshouse which lets an abundance of light in, making it feel even more spacious. If other cars in this list awe us by way of design brilliance or sheer opulence, the Volvo does so by keeping it simple and practical. Two things stand out though – the crystal gear knob and use of wood panelling. Those are also the two things which DK SCHWEIZER have no equal replacement for, but the seats are easy enough. After all, we are the seat cover supplier for locally assembled Volvo models in Malaysia.

5) Rolls Royce Phantom

Not surprising that a Rolls is in this list. Here is a car designed to be luxurious in every way possible. For that, customisation is a big part of the experience and the company goes great lengths in meeting buyer demands. We’ve heard stories where the fibre optic-run Starlight Headliner forms the shape of the customer’s coat-of-arms, and even accommodating a customer who wanted the Phantom’s wood trim using a particular wood from a tree in his (or is it her?) estate. Truly, customisation is one of the peak pleasures in car ownership.

6) Aston Martin DBX

We’ll go out and say it – a big part of the DBX’s cabin appeal is how gorgeous the car looks on the outside. This is a vehicle which has no single ‘best angle’ as every side of the DBX is glorious. Having said that, the interior does look exceptional by itself with every inch looking (and feeling) the premium vehicle it is. Fine leather wraps almost every inch you can see, right up to – and across – the top of the dashboard. Details such as beautifully designed brushed aluminium door handles and sun visor hinges, as well as the swan-hinged doors adds massive appeal, although we’re not sure about the location of its gear selector buttons. It makes changing from ‘R’ to ‘D’ seem like you’re printing a receipt from a taxi meter.

7) Lamborghini Urus

Another SUV? Yes, but it’s a Lamborghini! Admittedly, the exterior is not as refined as the Aston Martin DBX, yet it does stay true to the brand’s design philosophy (read: menacing and over-the-top). The cabin is somewhat of a modern equivalent of a gentleman’s study, i.e. plenty of leather, except with the oak and mahogany replaced by chrome, carbon fibre, and plenty of buttons. It’s the exact opposite of the Volvo XC90’s interior, really. With enough buttons and switches to rival a professional recording studio, the Urus is home for anyone with a fixation for constant tinkering of settings.

You will notice that the cars in the list are all rather pricey, even if the reality is that lower priced cars may also boast great looking cabins (case in point: the Hyundai Sonata). However, let’s be real and admit that you do get what you pay for and the Starlight Headliner of the Phantom, or the Range Rover Velar with its flushed door handles; or the Volvo’s gear knob bling – they each come at a cost.


The only exception is in getting the seat covers and upholstery that exactly suits your good taste. The upholsteries seen here are all exceptional but that’s not to say you can’t have something of equal quality and design. DK SCHWEIZER has the expertise and technology to make it happen.


Whether the prized Proton Wira bought as your first car 25 years ago (and still keep!), or the BMW 740Le you now own after successfully climbing the corporate ladder – and every other car in between – they all deserve to get a refreshing change of seat covers. It could be leather, microfibre, PU, or half-leather, there is a design for you. Or better yet, customise one. Just get in touch with us to make it happen.

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