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Happy birthday, Motor car!

Did you know that today (January 29) is considered to be the official birthday of the motorised vehicle? On this day back in 1886, Carl Benz filed an application in Berlin for a patent on his three-wheel motor car. You’ve seen it before here too – the Patent Motorwagen. This is the great-grandfather of all cars you see on the road today, albeit with one less wheel than what we’re familiar with nowadays.


As a matter of fact, Gottlieb Daimler was also working on a motor car; one with four tyres. As fate would have it the both of them were essentially working on the same project but independently of one another. Of course, their names would end up together, forming one of the biggest names in the automotive industry and changing the entire world along with it.


So, it has been 135 years since the car was born. But do you know who else is having their birthday in January? It’s us, DK SCHWEIZER! Or to be precise, it’s DK Leather Seats Sdn Bhd (DKLS), which is the company which owns and manufacturers the DK SCHWEIZER brand. DKLS was incorporated on the 4th of January 1997. That makes us 24 years old.


There’s a big gap between us and Mercedes-Benz (and in so many ways), but that gives us a worthy ambition – when we grow up we want to be like Mercedes!

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Happy birthday, Motor car!

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