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DK SCHWEIZER – the fight against COVID-19

The high number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia and around the world has raised a variety of familiar realities, including these two: economic uncertainty, and resilience of the common people.


We at DK SCHWEIZER are together with other Malaysians committed in fighting this pandemic. Our workers are constantly reminded of the measures needed for hygiene and cleanliness to curb the spread of COVID-19. Theses reminders are also facilitated with various sanitisation stations spread throughout the administration building and factory floor. Other measures include physical distancing and mandatory use of face masks.


In summary, DK SCHWEIZER is committed in seeing through this tough period and contributing in whatever way we can. As a business which directly employ hundreds of people, we realise that everyone’s health and safety is the main concern. The term business-as-usual has taken an entirely new context; and while DK SCHWEIZER is still open for business, we take no shortcuts in this fight.


Stay safe.

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