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The optimum seating position while driving

With powered seats and adjustable steering, the modern car can provide the perfect seating position for a driver. Some may ask, why is that important? To start with, cars nowadays are usually sold in somewhat disparate markets (buyers in Scandinavian countries, for example, are generally taller compared to those in Asean), so a wider range of adjustment is preferred.


Also, people are now travelling in longer distances and at higher speeds. Under such cases, comfort for the driver becomes a bigger issue; something which can be achieved by the perfect seating position.


Finally, a correct posture for the driver while driving is a definite advantage during emergencies. As you will find out below, an ideal sitting position (as advised by driving professionals and safety experts) is based on human mechanics and to optimise driver input/reaction.

1. Slide the seat so that you can depress the brake pedal fully while still maintaining a slight angle at your knees.

[The bent knee is important to ensure maximum pressure on the brakes is possible if needed.]


2. Sit and lean back with the seat backrest at a slight angle. You should be comfortable (at roughly 100 to 110 degrees), but don’t lean too far back until you have to tilt your head forward because this could strain the neck muscles and cause fatigue.


3. Adjust the seat height (if possible) until you get optimal view outside the windscreen and view of the instrument panel.

A correct posture for the driver while driving is a definite advantage during emergencies

4. Extend your arms and your wrists should land right on top of the steering wheel rim with a slight elbow bend. This is your (general) ideal seating position, although could still change to accommodate the previous steps.

[The elbow bend ensures control and leverage over the steering even when deep in a turn]


5. More cars now come equipped with adjustable (tilt/telescopic) steering so take that into play as well when making adjustments.


6. Now, adjust your side and rear-view mirrors accordingly.

Get this right and you’ll find that there’s better control over the steering and pedals. This in turn makes it safer not just for the driver and the vehicle’s passengers, but also for other road users.


Additionally, an ideal seating position is the best balance between having control over the car and driver comfort.

The latter is increasingly important in today’s world where the typical commute is longer and, usually, more stressful than ever. For those issues, having impeccably-styled leather seat covers does wonders to the driving experience. So once you feel tired of your car’s interior or simply want to have cabin that shouts out your personality and styling taste, give us a call, because DK SCHWEIZER has the solutions.


Until then, keep safe on the road.

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